Some news of the XMPP universe

The XMPP universe is still alive. Some may have forgotten too quickly. Here are some fresh items.

XMPP and SIP together on!

In this article: « RTC: announcing XMPP, SIP presence and more », Daniel Pocock says:

The Debian Project now has an XMPP service available to all Debian Developers. Your email identity can be used as your XMPP address.

It is based on! Congrats!

Debian Debian

jabberd2 is alive!

Tomasz Sterna releases  (minor) version de jabberd2, the XMPP server, written in C, under the GPL licence!

The changes:

  • Rewrite TLS ephemeral key + cipher handling
  • Recover Berkeley DB before opening it
  • bcrypt support for PostgreSQL
  • Option to set authreg module per realm
  • AuthReg ANONYMOUS does not offer password check
  • Answer to disco#info queries to user JID
  • WebSocket C2S SX plugin

The force awakens? Huh… sorry.

Zombie Hack services, not bad

Zombie Hack offers some collaboration services: open, standards, and open source:

  • XMPP, what else?
  • IRC
  • Etherpad
  • Soon ownCloud

converse.js in version 0.10.0

The free and open source web XMPP client converse.js is delivered in version 0.10.0, under MPL license:

This release drops CSS support for IE8 and IE9.

  • #459 Wrong datatype passed to converse.chatboxes.getChatBox. [hobblegobber, jcbrand]
  • #493 Roster push fix [jcbrand]
  • #403 emit an event rosterPush when a roster push happens [teseo]
  • #502. Chat room not opened in non_amd version. [rjanbiah]
  • #505 Typo caused [object Object] in room info [gromiak]
  • #508 « Is typing » doesn’t automatically disappear [jcbrand]
  • #509 Updated Polish translations [ser]
  • #510 MUC room memberlist is being cleared with page reload when keepalive option is set. [jcbrand]
  • Add the ability to also drag-resize chat boxes horizontally. [jcbrand]
  • Updated Sass files and created a new style. [jcbrand]

Thanks JC Brand!

Hacker News

Hacker News has recently covered XMPP:

XMPP For Paranoid People

_NSAKEY has published:

The presentation « XMPP For Paranoid People » (instructive) has a 8-bits design! ;-)

XMPP is alive!

XMPP might not be trendy anymore, we are in a local minima:

This will go back to normal, soon.

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