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Here are the new news of XMPP!

HabaHaba.im, did you know?

The habahaba.im online service is described in the wiki:  features, sceenshots, and video. The source code is available: https://github.com/jbinary/habahaba-js. Thanks to Sergey Dobrov!

Habahaba.im frontpage Habahaba.im-frontpage

Habahaba.im chat Habahaba.im-chat

XMPP presentation: the protocole the revolutionises internet

The « Atelier des Beaux Boulons » is a non-profit FabLab in Auxerre, France, and they presente XMPP, here is the proof:

XMPP For Paranoid People

_NSAKEY has published:

The presentation « XMPP For Paranoid People » (instructive) has an 8-bits design! ;-)

The WordPress dot com bot

Did you know that xmpp:bot@im.wordpress.com notifies you via XMPP of all the comments on your WordPress.com blog?

How to send Jabber (XMPP) messages from Django

Alex Morozov blogged this:

simple Django notification bot.

DreamHost October Newslettery: What’s That Feature?

The WTF of DreamHost: « What’s that feature? It’s XMPP!« . This points to their wiki.

Fastmail : Shutting down our XMPP chat service

Fastmail closes their XMPP server on the 31st of January 2016. Sad.

Building teams around SIP and XMPP in Debian and Fedora

Daniel Pocock tries to reproduce the Debian experience, but this time at Fedora.

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