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  • nyco 14:03 le 2016-02-02 Permalien  

    FOSDEM 2016: The State of XMPP and Instant Messaging, The Awakening 

    Here are my slides:

    Mind sharing your thoughts?

    In this poll, and/or in the comments below the poll…

  • nyco 12:48 le 2016-02-01 Permalien  

    Recovered trust and motivation on XMPP and RTC 

    After the XMPP Summit and the FOSDEM in Brussels this week-end (on Thu 28 + Fri 29 and Sat 30 + Sun 31), I can now expose and share my feelings.

    Having been an XMPP evangelist for many years, at some point I simply lacked motivation and belief. Since I was hired at Erlang Solutions as a Product Owner for the MongooseIM XMPP server, I met a highly competent and clever team. I was wondering since, if I should wear again my promoter hat. Now I know.

    At the XMPP Summit, a lot of discussions took place, and we definitely say we have moved one strong step forward (MIX, E2E, simpler reconnection). It has been a highly productive edition, with applied core values, such as openness, ownership and responsibility.

    At the FOSDEM, three interesting talks took place

    • Daniel Pocock on network effect, and basic requirements, plus the probable freertc initiative (non-XMPP-specific)
    • Matthew Wild’s on probable modernxmpp initiative to reach masses beyond techies
    • My talk, on the three generations of IM, our own trough of disillusionment, and the clean up we need to make

    If you allow me to enlarge the view outside the XMPP world:

    • The SIP community might suffer some similar illness and trough of disillusionment
    • The WebRTC is trendy but lacks features and implementations, such as signalling, for which there is still no open standard
    • Overall, the RTC communities want to to change the landscape of Real Time communications, making it more open, decentralised, privacy, security, and free/libre

    I believe we have here the basis of renewal, with some initiatives that need to include a larger crowd for more feedback, in order to build a real vision.

    Can you please participate in this little poll?

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